Ya-Ya Restaurant

The Challenge: This new Mediterranean food offer in Sydney's CBD required us to create a name, positioning and brand identity package to set them apart from other restaurants in a particularly crowded market.

The Strategy: We wanted to draw upon our client's passion for food and their use of secret family recipes in their cooking. The name Ya-Ya, derived from a Greek term of endearment for grandmother, allowed us to create a humorous character and tone of voice that was both bold and loveable. The brand values of honesty, love, humour and generosity was supported by the tagline 'Less talk, more eat'.  

The Solution: The identity was applied to the signage, menus and uniforms right through to the website and social media content. The 'tough love' persona and bold graphic styling helped launch a fully formed brand offer into the busy CBD lunch location. The restaurant was an immediate success with a clear point of difference to other offerings in the area.