Westpac Pacific

The Challenge: To collectively align three business councils who's purpose is to promote trade and business relations between Australia and the Pacific region. Also, to broaden the combined membership base into SME and Middle Market organisations. Establish an over-arching value proposition, refresh the councils digital presence and define more effective ways to connect with and represent members. Rebrand each council to appear more relevant to its modern audience and appear as a cohesive group whilst reflecting the individuality of Fiji, PNG and the Pacific Islands.

The Strategy: Drawing on extensive research we developed a core idea of ‘connection’ as the defining essence of the APBC offer. We were able to brand each council in a way that preserved their unique identity and developed a distinct visual language by assigning a key accent colour, specific imagery and customised brand pattern. This was the foundation to the council offer prior to the build of the website. Social media integration was key to building upon established networks and reaching fresh audiences.

The Solution: A new brand architecture was developed placing all three councils under a new group titled 'Australia Pacific Business Connections'. The site itself was conceived as a central hub with the main page acting as a portal into the relevant councils site. The main page also acts as a showcase for top level content from each council allowing it to appear relevant and dynamic. Each council retains its own url for direct access and the site uses an extensive module system for flexibility.