The Challenge: As part of Airbnb’s rapid growth and continued success in Australia we tasked with variety of projects as the company extended its reach into the marketplace. The Sydney Opera House has an impressive 8 million visitors per year although only a fraction of those visitors actually go inside. This provided the basis for our brand activation campaign with Airbnb. Ticketek also provided a perfect platform for a creative marketing campaign, promoting the fact that Airbnb help event goers to find unique accomodation close to sports and entertainment venues.

The Strategy: Firstly, we immersed ourselves in the brand and got to grips with what Airbnb truly stands for. We then developed a series of campaign concepts which allowed flexibility for the ideas to evolve and extend across various mediums and channels. Adhering to established design and communication guidelines we developed an illustrative style that brought the ideas to life in a fresh, fun and distinctly Australian way.

The Solution: The Sydney Opera House campaign combines the iconic forms of one of the world's most famous 'houses' with an Airbnb playful twist and touches of humour. The Ticketek campaigns are a visual expression of being able to stay right next to the action, from sporting events to entertainment venues. Use of the Airbnb colour palette in bold graphic forms with simple messaging and touches of animation helped propel the ideas to reach customers.

Airbnb + Sydney Opera House / Campaign

Sydney’s most iconic house has an impressive 8 million visitors every year although only a fraction of those visitors actually go inside. This provided the basis for our brand activation campaign. We launched a teaser campaign with a set of illustration based advertising assets featuring the bold, iconic architecture of the Opera House along with an Airbnb playful twist.

Airbnb + Ticketek / Campaign Identity

Ticketek provided a perfect platform for Airbnb who help millions of event goers find unique accommodation options close to entertainment venues right across Australia. Our campaign identity 'sidelines, touchlines & finish lines' captured the audience’s attention with bold, graphic illustrations and simple messaging encouraging them to book unique accommodation close to the big event.  

Airbnb Ticketek Animated Gifs

The Ticketek page was relatively static and in order to increase awareness of the Airbnb partnership we created a suite of animated gifs. These were small enough in size that they could be loaded onto the page and yet were animated enough to attract the viewers eye and tell a simple story for a variety of personalities who might use the service.